My Favorite Links

This is my daughter's site.
Pop up patterns for kids.
MARIVI'S HERALDRY  Pop-up greeting cards with Coat of Arms.
Virtual Gallery Of Origamic Architecture
Excellent "pop-up cards". If you think Origami is only an ancient technique,
you should see what Mr. Stormer does.
Baud et Bui
Rene presents his original creations here.
You can download his diagrams and follow the enclosed instructions.
This site is maintained in both French and English.
Willem's Origamic Architecture
Beautiful cards. Patterns to download.
Oriland was created by Katrin y Yurii Shumakov.
Paper Garden
Sakyo K.'s original works are worth a visit.
Eric' s Origami Page
Origamic Architecture, Pop-Ups and other paper projects.

Handmade Papercraft Club
Origamic Architecture.

Denis' Unique Projects
Free Plans: how to make a pop-up origamic card.

Wonderfull OA cards for sale designed by Chris Hankinson.

Ingrid Siliakus Origamic Architecture
Here you can see her own beautiful designs.

Ingrid Siliakus Origamic Architecture
Cards done from M. Chatani's desings

Ingrid Siliakus OA and Escher
OA cards designed from Escher's drawings. WOW!!!

Ingrid Siliakus Origami
Traditional Origami Gallery.

Taviori Origamic Architecture
Origamic Architecture Gallery

Robert Sabuda Oficial Web Site
Here you also have free patterns to make pop-ups!!!!

Yee's Job
Yee is a Canadian Artist

Tjeerd Kuipers
Paperarchitecture site.

IKO Origamic Architecture Gallery
See How to make section. Some free pattern. Japanese.
Peter Callesen
Fantastic images of paper work.

Annelies Smit van Hüüksloot
Paperarchitecture site.

Столярова Татьяна    
Tekuila Origamic Architecture Gallery
The Origami Resource Center
Alicia Pellon Franco - Altered Art

Joost Langeveld Origami page

Libros Pop-Up PopUp Books
All about pop up books. Blog in Spanish.

Live Your Dream Designs
Joyce Aysta Gift Card Site
Luciana Mancosu Kirigami
Luciana's beautiful OA cards and paper scuplture
Extreme Cards and Papercrafting
Extraordinary Pop Up Card Tutorials
Learn to Make Mini Scrapbooks, accordion books, star books, etc